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Root canal treatment


Root canal treatment, in other words - endodontic treatment, is a field of dentistry focusing on the treatment of irreversible inflammation of the tooth pulp. The entire treatment is performed under local anesthesia, so the procedure, despite all fears, is completely painless. The treatment involves the removal of diseased tissues, thorough cleaning and disinfection of the tooth canal system using professional, specially designed, precise endodontic tools, and abundant rinsing of the root canals with disinfecting and cleansing fluids. The work is done in magnification. Thanks to this procedure, the tooth is prepared to fill the root canals with a filling material with a special sealant, and then it is prepared for the future reconstruction of the lost hard crown tissues. After endodontic treatment, teeth are often additionally supplemented with specially prepared inserts that strengthen their structure, made, among others, made of fiberglass or titanium. This procedure is intended to create an additional "scaffolding" for future crown reconstruction, due to the fact that teeth requiring root canal treatment are often severely damaged, weakened and have a lower prognosis for withstanding occlusal loads in the oral cavity. Our goal is not only to cure the problem "here and now" and relieve pain, but also to create the best possible conditions for the long-term functioning of the treated tooth in the oral cavity in the future. The endodontic treatment procedure also involves taking control radiographs to precisely assess the correctness of the treatment.