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Aesthetic dentistry


Closing the diastema - the diastema is a gap between the teeth. It is often an aesthetic problem. Thanks to the use of modern materials, we are able to completely non-invasively and reversibly rebuild the surfaces of the units and change their original shape. Thanks to this treatment, you will get rid of diastema quickly and safely!

Aesthetic superstructures of front teeth - are you not satisfied with the shape of your teeth? Do you have worn, chipped or microdental teeth? Thanks to the use of highly aesthetic composite materials, we are able to rebuild and change the unfavorable shape of teeth by selecting the perfect color of the material to match the color of the enamel.

Correction of uneven incisal edges - if your problem is uneven, jagged edges of your teeth, we perform a tooth shape correction procedure. Using a system of polishing tools, we even out any irregularities and improve the overall shape and outline of the teeth. Finally, we protect your teeth with a special preparation to avoid hypersensitivity.