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Orthodontic treatment involves correcting malocclusions and restoring the proper function of the masticatory motor system. Taking care of a beautiful, healthy smile is also a matter of proper chewing, preventing premature tooth wear and avoiding pain. We offer you the possibility of orthodontic treatment for children and adults.

Removable braces, i.e. removable ones, used mainly for the youngest patients, are characterized by unlimited color selection options. To make the treatment pleasant and encouraging for the young patient, we are able to design braces in all colors of the rainbow. The choice is your child's! It determines what the camera will look like. With appropriate motivation and compliance with recommendations, removable braces correct most malocclusions already at an early stage of development.



The revolutionary Damon self-ligating bracket system is a modern method of orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances. Shortened treatment time, fewer follow-up visits, high comfort of use and excellent treatment results are just some of the features of this system. No need to use elastic ligatures allows treatment to be performed using low biological forces, which reduces the feeling of discomfort. The brackets are designed to make it easy to maintain oral hygiene. Due to the use of low forces and limited friction, thanks to the use of self-ligating brackets, we are often able to avoid the need to remove healthy teeth just for orthodontic purposes. The treatment goes smoothly, comfortably and without stress!
For more demanding patients who care about aesthetics, we offer the Damon Clear system - invisible, transparent self-ligating brackets.



Overlay treatment is a fantastic alternative to traditional orthodontic braces.


Invisible orthodontic treatment
  • Oral hygiene made easier

  • Significantly fewer follow-up visits
  • Precision and greater predictability of treatment effects
  • Comfort and safety
  • Much shorter treatment

The Clear Aligner system is an innovative method of orthodontic treatment using invisible, transparent overlays. They ensure high aesthetics and comfort of treatment. Thanks to the use of modern technology and digital analysis of the teeth, the treatment is highly precise. You receive thermoformed overlays that gradually straighten your teeth in a very discreet way. As the bite correction progresses, the overlays are replaced with new ones - each individually designed for you in the laboratory based on digital analysis. They fit perfectly to the teeth, ensuring high comfort of use. You can remove them yourself for eating and cleaning, making maintaining hygiene extremely easy.




Lingual braces are a system of brackets glued to the inner-palatal side of the teeth, making the treatment completely invisible. This is an excellent alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment, which many people cannot afford due to, for example, their profession. The appliance is individually designed and constructed according to the shape of the patient's teeth. Each item is manufactured specifically for a specific patient. Thanks to the high precision of the device, the treatment is very accurate and ensures excellent results.